I’ve been thinking about my sketch experiment logo. Is that what it is called now a days? A logo..and what is a gravatar? I’m figuring this all as I go along here.

A life time ago I was a graphic designer and much of the work was typesetting but occasionally I’d get to design a logo for someone. Usually it involved using their company name or even just the first letter of the the company name and finding a clever way to make a design out of the words or letter that also summed up the services that the company offered. It was fun, but it always surprised me how much time it took to get a logo just right.

So, what I have been thinking… (Actually I have only been thinking about this logo thing this morning as I drink my coffee, I have a tendency not to dwell on thoughts for long periods of time. The thoughts come and then they go, so if I don’t act on them immediately they tend to just go away, get swept under the rug.) …about “lately” is that anyone who knows me and has been in my house knows I have a thing for circles. Circles everywhere, on every wall in every room. It occurred to me that of course I should have a circle as my identifying symbol. Not only do I love them but the whole coming full circle as I get back in touch with my artistic urges ties it all together.