OK, So just now I was out in my studio working on the drawing of my pup and thinking about how a circle in art work can tie a whole idea together. As I was finishing up the drawing I thought I’d add a red circle to the background. I am also working on a black and white collage that will incorporate the red circle as well and thought that maybe this could be the theme I was looking for, even just for a little while. It feels right to me for some reason, so why not?

I got a few more things done in my studio and had to come in for more coffee thinking of other errands that I needed to get to before finishing my drawing for the day. As I am easily distracted, it would be no surprise to me if I went back out to my studio and just did a plain background, however, when walking inside and to the basement for the cat carrier (visit to the vet later) I saw this….

and then this…

and then this…

So for those of you who believe in signs and for going with what feels right. Here is the start of what I will call my red circle phase.