My brother got married this weekend and my new sister-in-law is an angel. It was a very nice weekend with family, just perfect, including the weather.

Even when I have a great time, being away from home always throws me for a loop. It takes a while for me to get back on track and focus on what it is exactly that I am doing at home. What am I doing again? On the one hand I think it is great that I can do a drawing or sketch or complete a full project each day, on the other hand, I feel like I need to go lock myself in my studio for a few days and not come out until I have come up with a bigger more inspired plan. The excitement of starting this project is WAY over and the excitement over being proud of myself for sticking with it is starting to fade. In just a few weeks I will be hitting a milestone…100 days of “sketching”. Seems like a good time to shift gears.