Here is a sketch of a swiss chard leaf from my garden. Though I started this whole experiment with the plan to “just do it!”, I still find myself constantly having to remind myself to do just that and to stop over thinking and trying to figure it all out. I mean this doesn’t have to be a big deal, and so I will work my way around my garden (if I don’t change my mind before tomorrow).

Anyway, today I thought I’d find something in my garden to sketch, I enjoyed the blueberry and was thinking I’d do a leaf of swiss chard next, but wasn’t sure. Life got in the way and so I couldn’t get started until after lunch. On the way to run errands this morning I was talking to my sister on the phone saying how I wish I had a professor to give me an assignment so I could be off the hook when it came to deciding what to draw.  I asked her, “What should I sketch? Just tell me.” And she said, without knowing what I was thinking this morning, “Swiss chard.” Sister psychic connection, I love it! Done. Done and done.