We just returned from a lovely trip up to Maine to pick up Kane from summer camp and since we are still in college search mode, we swung by Burlington, Vermont to see UVM. It was really nice, perfect time of year to be up north…relaxing, warm days and cool nights. I had every intention of sketching while we were out and about and took my sketch pad out multiple times, but it just didn’t happen.  Sooo, back at home and time to get back into it.

Above is a tomato from my garden, (BLT’s for lunch today).  I couldn’t decide if I should use pastels or maybe even black and grey charcoal, and even though I started on the wrong kind of paper, decided on watercolors.

Almost every time I use watercolors I enjoy myself.  They are not nearly as time consuming as I think when I start a project and I really learn a lot when I use them. I’ve had one class on using watercolors and that was in 1990. Yep, lots to learn.