Still Life with Marble


I’ve been thinking about what my next step should be with my art. I know, I know, I’ve said that before. But writing this down helps me to acknowledge this reality more fully. Now that I have accumulated so many finished pieces, I feel comfortable doing a solo show at our town hall…..I think. I keep hearing that any next step I take, should be bigger and should be scary. Does that make sense to anyone else? Who wants to be scared, shouldn’t things feel good?? Isn’t that how you know you are making the right choices in life???

I supposed everyone feels a little differently, but ultimately I have come to this conclusion for myself…If I am not finding a way to do new things because I am only looking for things that feel “good” to me, then maybe I should go ahead and try something that scares me. But not too scary, let’s not get too nutty.