I decided to start a woodblock print today. I didn’t get as far as I was expecting, but when I start with a new medium it usually takes a bit to get organized. In this case, there were lots of steps to get organized. First I had to cut the wood. A)Drag out my mitre saw. B)Find an extension cord. C)Decide what size I am going to make the piece. (In this case, I want to make 5×7 cards, so I have to make sure that the block itself will equal that with space for a border.) D) Where is my tape measurer? Eye protection? Sandpaper?

Now I am second guessing my design entirely. It is going to be very detailed work for my first woodcut in a kajillion years. I’ll try to make it work and hopefully get to some carving tomorrow. Next one will not be so detailed. Another lesson learned today…yay!