There is stuff that I just do every day. Crafty things to keep me occupied and to satisfy that creative urge that I constantly have nudging me along. I just finished this cross stitch for my recently wed brother and wife…

I have a garden that produces many wonderful fruits and veggies, I enjoy burning candles, and so this happens…

I enjoy making useful things out of objects that would otherwise be tossed or recycled. These bottles I cut and just finished grinding last week to use as tea candle holders.

I also gather up wine corks wherever I go to make cork boards. This one I made yesterday by painting an old discarded window frame. I will either add a magnet board or a dry erase board to the other side.

I guess my point is this. I have always been this way and will always be. But most of my creative outlets are shared with me and my family. I don’t branch out into the world often with any of my creations. I feel like everyone who has talents (and we all have them) should use them to help others, to get out and make the world a better place for all of us. Guess that “everyone” I speak of includes me. UGH, this rut is harder to bump out of than I thought.

Well, back to the studio. I’ll just keep showing up and anticipate that light at the end of the tunnel.