Today my friend, Clair came over.  She and I will be getting together once a week to work  on art or  a project that stimulates us artistically. This is week #2 and already it has been amazing. Having a partner to bounce ideas off of and to keep you honest about what your projected goals are is priceless. We are also committed to holding up mirrors to each other when negative self talk rears it’s ugly head.

To start, we got all our supplies set up. Clair has introduced me to Golden acrylic paints which I love. They are so vibrant and easy to work with, can’t wait to stock up.

We each used three 8X10 canvases, allowing them to dry between each coat while we worked on the next canvas and so on. Apparently next week we will continue the layering process. Here are Clair’s beautiful pieces in progress.

And here are the paintings that I worked on. I was planning on taking more photos, but it is hard to break away when you are in the zone.

So much fun. Though I did realize that I have a lot more freeing up to do. This is SO art therapy for me and I am loving it!

Finally here are the 3 paintings which are still in progress (according to Clair), but I like them as is. Let’s see if I can free myself up enough to continue painting on these next week.