I have all these big sheets of rice paper in my studio, about 2’x3′ in size. I had this nutty idea in my head that I needed a great idea that was worthy of them. Turns out my attempt to do my paper justice was sort of uninspired and lazy. BUT, I got through that block and at least made something out of my lame attempt. The above is just a  small section of the 2×3 sheet. One thing my laziness did do was to allow me to experiment without expectation. And of course the inevitable cropping occurred. I think this ended up as a 4″x6″ piece.

Honestly, I could get a nice series of smaller pieces out of the one  large sheet…just cover it with my craziness and crop out what I like.  And this just goes to show me that even if I am feeling lazy, uninspired and just plain stuck, there is always something to be gained by showing up!