This weekend I went to this amazing art workshop run by the lovely Flora Bowley.

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Flora is not just an amazing artist but an amazing communicator and teacher. She stepped us through techniques that she uses when painting and in doing so, taught us how to let go of expectations and self doubt. For me, that is HUGE.  Saying you will let of of self doubt and expectations is one thing, but feeling it and doing it is an entirely different ball game.

I wanted to take more photos of my paintings as they evolved, but was so involved in painting, I kept forgetting. But here is a stage after Flora had us walk around the room and paint on each others canvases. When I got back to mine it looked like this! Ahhh!

This was a big teaching moment on how to let go of expectation!

Then it evolved into this….

And out of this experimental muck emerged this beautiful painting that I absolutely LOVE!

Here are some details of this painting which gives you a better look at the layering. Be sure to click on these to get a zoomed in view.

I can not even put into words how amazingly transformative this workshop was for me. It will be interesting to see how my art changes from this point on. Guess I better get out there and buy me some paint and canvases!