I am feeling good today. Not only is it the day I spend painting with Clair, but we started planning for our art show which will be in February!  Very exciting and motivating. So we have lots to do, but mostly we need to get our pieces finished for hanging….signed, framed and feeling good.

This is a painting that I finished today and, as usual, it looks nothing like how it started. This is for my friend, Geoff who just turned 50. Hi, Geoff. Here is your painting you big sweetheart!


I also worked on this painting which I am really enjoying. I added black today before I realized what I was doing, though it works…for now.

One of the many great things about going through this process with Clair is that we are on the same page in the creative process. It is about having fun. I don’t have any worries that I messed up when she and I are painting together. It is all about the joy of creating and knowing that there are no mistakes, just new paths.