I have been painting away the last few days. The above painting is finished! Next step is to learn how to frame!


I’ve gotten used to painting on two canvases at once, that way I can paint on one while the other dries and not run the risk of getting out of the zone. So while I finished the above I started on this one.

Anyone else see jellyfish? Had I EVER painted a jellyfish??? Had I EVER even thought of drawing a jellyfish??? Nope.  If this painting wanted to be jellyfish, then so be it.

I just kept layering and adding and envisioning, and so the jellyfish were born.

I’ll keep at it until my jellyfish seem happy. Not too much more to go!


Of course, once I finished one painting, I had to start another and keep the cycle going.

My son says he liked it better before I added the black..I think I did too. Funny that I don’t really mind that I liked it better before. Honestly, it is more fuel for the fire to start another. But first, how about I finish this one?