The countdown has begun for my and Clair’s art show!! For those of you interested in attending here is our advertisement with Clair’s work highlighted.

Please Join us for an Art Opening!

Friday February 4th


Hobbs Coffee

1 Park Avenue . Swarthmore, PA 19081

(610) 624-1391

Enjoy the colorful work of two Swarthmore Artists:

Clair Oaks and Martha Perkins!


With wonderful live music provided by local musicians:

Caleb Oaks,  Eddie Palka, Ben Murray

and Russell Gelman-Sheehan.

Besides getting all our pieces chosen and framed for the show, we have been sprucing up the joint where we are showing our work. Check it out!



This is the main display wall, and though it is hard to tell, there were holes ALL over the place as each artist would use masonry nails to hang their work, and always a hole in a new place with each showing. Not good. So we got to plastering and prepping and painting.


Here Clair sweetly smiles for the camera as we work away. I was in charge of tackling the holes that needed to be drilled to mount the rail system which will now allow artists to hang their work at whatever level they choose and without having to put new nails in the walls. It was quite a task, as the walls were plaster on top of a solid brick wall….we went through a few masonry bits.  Two trips home for supplies, a borrowed van, 1 trip to Home Depot, and six hours later…


Ta da!!! We couldn’t hang all the current artists work back up as all the pieces weren’t wired for hanging, but still SO much better. Job well done, Clair. Cyber high five!!  Can’t wait to see our work hanging!