Here are a couple examples of how I usually start a painting. These 2 began with the paint I had left over on my palette at the end of the day.



This is usually the stage where I will sit and stare at the canvases until something emerges. The paintings that I feel I have had the most success with are the ones that I don’t over think and allow myself to “let go”.


Below is a section of the painting I started last week, and well…I’ve been overthinking this one.



There is always hope that something will come out of this chaos, so I will be patient and not freak out about not caring for this painting at this stage.  My idea was a good one, but as soon as my head got ahead of my heart, things went down hill. Yet another opportunity on learning how to deal and move on.

It’s funny, because messing up has almost gotten to be exciting for me. If I don’t mess up then I miss that unique opportunity to work with what I have and to try something new!