I finished up 2 of my paintings the morning of our second opening. I think I did the jellyfish painting just to prove to myself that I could without them looking like giant penises. And I did, they are sweet, now I can check that off my list and move on. No Freudian therapist needed.

The flower painting was a fun one to complete. I dig this style with the bold edges and simple design.

For those who are nearby, you can check out all my current art (and my friend Clair’s as well) until the end of the month at The Media Pizza and Grill.

Rama setting up the music for the night.
Two skate boarders chilling with some pizza.
Everyone seemed to enjoy getting out for some socializing.
Kid friendly fun!

Opening night was pretty successful. Lots of folks coming and going, wandering from one venue to the next, some just poking their heads in to check things out and then moving on. It’s exciting really to think about what is to come next. Today a show in a pizza shop, then before you know it…..??? I’ll keep my mind and heart open.