My vacation weekend is over. It was so relaxing and so why is it that I am not recharged? Maybe the cold drizzly day has something to do with it. And it is quite possible that I moved all my supplies out to my studio a little prematurely. Brrr and come on, sun!

Despite me fighting with myself over not being energtic I did get a few things done. The last corner of my studio which accumulated all the stacks of stuff that needed to be organized…



….has been organized.



Now to get the lighting issue sorted out. Uncle Google says I should get full spectrum light bulbs which will give me the most natural night to paint under. Makes sense to me and it might also help me perk up when the days are dark and cold. Win win.

And so that I can check it off my list for the day. Here is the latest painting that I am working on.



Another flower, big shocker, I know. Sooner or later I will shift to another phase with my painting. But I need to remind myself, that aside from a few random paintings since I graduated college in 1992, I have only been painting for 5 months! So for any of you that may be inspired by my blog (and I know you’re out there) don’t think you can’t do what inspires you…because you absolutely can. And as soon as you are ready, it will happen.