Yesterday I went out and bought myself a light bulb to help improve the lighting in my studio. Below is the label from the one I chose.

This ended up being very exciting for me, only because I wasn’t expecting it to totally work! The light doesn’t mess with the colors that I am using and it is intense enough that I can paint at night if I want. Ultimately, I would LOVE a few skylights and track lighting filled with these little puppies! For now, I have done as Uncle Google suggested and positioned my easel in front of a north facing window with the lightbulb source coming from overhead. I love getting these little details sorted out!

And so here is the progress from today.

I am happy with the way this one is working out…very hostaish and reminds me of the kale leaf I did in pastels over last summer…

…which sadly got slimed by slugs. And the little buggers even nibbled through in one spot.  Apparently, the slugs like to sneak into my studio at night…they must hide in the cinderblock walls.  They either like the paper or the pastels, maybe they like canvas as well??  This year they better watch out because I am totally breaking out the salt shaker.