Today Clair and I took down our show in Media and it got me thinking about what comes next. It is odd to come home with all these paintings and have no home for them. Last month my pieces all went from one show location directly to the next. Guess most paintings will come live with me in my studio until they find a new home, either by being purchased or by being hung in another show, or maybe they will even be reworked, like this one.

This painting was from so long ago I don’t feel like looking it up in my archives. Probably summer of last year…ish. Anyway, it was one of the few times that I dabbled with painting before the workshop this October. It was started with oil paints and today I started adding layers of acrylics. We’ll see what happens. I am sure it’s a painting technique no-no, putting acrylics over oils, but whatevaaaa. I am having fun with it.

Thinking this may end up being flowers. again. yeah.