Warm weather has now turned cold again. This made me realize that I have been a fountain of excuses. First I was not painting in my studio because it was too cold, and then when the warm spell hit, I wasn’t painting because it was too nice out. Such a luxurious position I hold having a wonderful husband who goes to work to pay the bills while I try to figure out what the heck I am doing!

Maybe a new tactic to trick myself into getting in front of that easel and not getting side tracked is in order. I mean, I LOVE all the wonderful spring time activities that I do every year….rearranging furniture, taking down those dark winter curtains, painting rooms, moving shrubs, even the popular spring cleaning. But there can be time for everything and if I don’t put painting at the top of my priority list, it could easily get swept under the rug. So I need a new tactic.


How about this. I will promise myself to finish a painting by Friday every week. Hopefully I finish more than one on average each week, but it’ll get me to make it a priority and a week can cruise by easily without notice around here. No excuses. A finished and signed piece.

And for now, here is the latest progress. Better get serious. Friday is only 3 days away!!