It has been a series of glorious days here in my neck of the woods and my energy level is peaking. I have been inspired to get all sorts of things done. Don’t you love the spring!?

First of all, I have been wanting to make an archway at the gate entrance to my veggie garden. Remember last springs sketch? Well, my plans have changed, but they’ve worked out for the better I think.

I have bamboo on my property and finally have enough to harvest and make a proper structure. So I gathered the bamboo that I cut from last year and cut pieces to size based on the design I came up with.

Followed by a GENIUS idea (if I do say so myself) to use an old bicycle tube cut into rings and used them to attach the bamboo pieces together.

It works much better than I ever expected.

And tada!

It really looks great, which is why I chose to do some outdoor painting where I could admire my handiwork.

So far, so good for my first acrylic painting post college using a real live subject.