Friday was a typical Spring day for me, with a TON of projects to get done in the yard and to the house. The last thing I had time for was to finish a painting, there was just too much fun gardening stuff to do!

Though I did work on some paintings, more importantly, I got some finishing done. The “Finish It Friday” mentality helped me to push through procrastinating on some projects that were way overdue. Like fixing this section of fence in my yard that may not look ideal now, but believe me, it is much better.

And like getting all the edging completed around my garden beds.

And like FINALLY putting in a new screen door and fixing it so the pets can go in and out as they please. (And for those of you who are not DIYers, doors are REALLY hard to install. Phew.)

And cutting a piece of plywood for cushion support in my cozy nook. It is nice to know I no longer  have to warm people when they sit here to be careful that they don’t  fall through.

So lots checked off my list, but I just didn’t have enough time to finish a painting. And that is OK. Today I will try to get in more painting time, but I also have this in my driveway.

So this rule I established for myself didn’t achieve it’s original intention, which was to finish a piece of art each Friday, but I like how it turned out regardless. The added motivation to finish projects with Friday as the goal works for me.

My writer friend, Jen asked me yesterday (right at the exact moment I needed to hear it)  if I give myself a break with my art this time of year with all there is to do in the Spring. And this reminded me that I need to give myself permission to break rules or at least change them as I go along. I make rules to try to keep myself on a track that I really know I want to be on, but only as long as it doesn’t get in the way of enjoying the spontaneity that life has to offer. So, yes, I do give myself a break, Jen, thanks for the reminder! Now back to enjoying the Spring.