This weekend was a very busy and productive one for me. A big thank you to Clair who continues to be such a wonderful support and motivator through all our new art adventures!

The CAS was a particularly exciting opening for me as not only was it held in their wonderful gallery space, but I sold 2 pieces before I even got there!

Here is the photo of the Floral Fantasy and it’s red dot sticker!

And this is the beautiful wall of art that it gets to hang out on for the next couple months.

The wood blocks that were contributed by members looked so cool when displayed together. Mine are the pink dogwood flowers near the left with a black background and near the middle the piece that I sold is the red flower with stamen nails.

The event was so wonderful, live piano music, an amazing collection of art displayed, people happily milling about. Really, really nice event.

Awards were handed out for each category and it was a wonderful opportunity for me to put faces with the names of the artists in the area who I have heard of so often.

I’d encourage you to take some time to go and visit if you are in the area. This display will be up until July 1st and truly worth the visit!