My postings this past week dropped off, but my work progress did not. I was out of town this weekend, but before I took off Clair and I volunteered at the This Space 4 Rent show. I was very pleased to see that one of the pieces I was showing sold!

Good bye sweet Night Blooms.

At the show we also got to meet a few of the artists that we missed at the opening. This artist, Dan Dennison, I particularly enjoyed speaking with. The photo I took does not do his art justice. I just love hunks of metal, so this kind of art is close to my heart.

As we wound down the night volunteering, I began to realize, as this show ends and as I begin to sell some of the better pieces I have made, I need to make more! I have a big show in July at the Swarthmore Borough Hall and we have got a large space to space to fill. The show will be a collaboration with Clair again, luckily her pieces are quite large compared to mine, but I am hankering to add some large pieces mylsef. Times a ticking.

So to end, here are a few photos of the pieces I have started this past week and continue to work away on.