I am getting settled after a VERY relaxing weekend with my wonderful college roommates and feeling energized and on track. So today I’d like to get you caught up on the members show from Media. I mentioned Dan Dennison and his work on Monday, but there were many wonderful artists and pieces in this little show located in a little town. So much talent everywhere, you don’t even have to look hard. Here are some photos from the event for you to check out.

One of the artists who I didn't meet at the show.

People milling about, including my cute hubby in the background.

The artist of the beautiful hats speaking with a customer.

Clair and her husband, Rob.

The wall with some of my art on display.

And now, here are the latest changes I have made to the paintings I am currently working on. I am glad I removed the ferns from this paining and at one point they were my favorite part!

And this flower painting I am looooooving…

And finally, this little guy.

The above is a small 8″X10″ vs. the others here which are 18″X24″. It is very different for me to paint on a smaller canvas vs. a bigger one and it almost always takes longer for me to complete a smaller painting vs. a larger one. How can that be? I am not sure if I prefer working on a larger or a smaller canvas, but my supply has run out and so my next canvas purchase I will be going big. Exciting! Maybe once I have more experience under my belt using small and large canvases I’ll be able to decide which I prefer.