Lots going on at home (prom, graduation, parties), but I am still finding time to squeak in a little art each day. Even if it is just for a moment here and there. I figure it is like working out…if you drop and do ten push ups every once in a while throughout the day, it is going to add up over time.

Here are my latest sets of pushups. This is the current stage of the 3 paintings that started off as orange and black. I just can’t resist vibrant color and contrast.

This is almost finished. I still want to tweak the center of the flowers, but I am loving the clouds I added.

And here is that field of poppies that I started when there was still snow on the ground.

I kept looking and looking at this painting day after day thinking that it needed a lot of work and added detail. Over time, the simplicity of the painting has won me over and so yesterday I changed the sky color slightly and it is signed!

Finally, I wanted to show you this painting that I did before I even started this sketchexperiment.

It is the only painting that I finished between college and the start of my blog and I find it interesting that it is a flower, and a poppy at that. So weird. I know it may seem obvious to you all but I am just now realizing that my ¬†painting “style” that I have been looking for was there all along. I can’t seem to help it. Flowers and contrasting, bright colors are just my thing.