The graduation and parties are over and so on Monday I got back to work in my studio. I am so psyched to get on track and with only 3 weeks until the July 1st opening, it is perfect motivation to get cranking. Here is where I am at…

I’ve been looking at some pieces from before I started painting and figured this is the time to get some framed or at least in some sort of condition to sell. Here is the pastel of an iris from last summer now framed and ready to go.

I put my business card in the photo to give you some scale. I know it is hard to visualize the size of the pieces even if I do give you the dimensions. Does this help?

Here is a shot of my drawing table in my studio. The lighting is still an unresolved issue (which is why I have actually been painting outside the front door of my studio) but here are some of the pieces currently in the works. These are all in various stages of completeness.

This cute one is almost complete.

And I have finally figured out how to finish my flower centers. Don’t they look like little soot sprites to all you Hayao Miyazaki fans?

Another signed and ready to go!