This Friday’s Art Opening was another wonderful, fun-filled success. Thank you to everyone who made the effort to come on out and support local artists!

The band was totally amazing. Seriously, totally amazing.

Here Clair watches on as proud mama bear to her 2 cubs who were performing in the band. Not so much cubs any more, but we still like to pretend.

Lots of people came out for the opening. The weather was wonderful and our opening coincided with our towns 5K run, which helped elevate the energy of the evening.

(I’ll tuck a cute hubby shot in here too, why not? Hi, cute hubby.)

In addition to the fun and excitement of having an opening, I sold 4 pieces! I sell more at each opening and am hopeful that the trend continues!

Say good bye to “Bubbles”…


“Diamonds In The Rough”…

And “Undergrowth”….

They all have wonderful new homes!

Now, time to figure out when and where the next opening will be!