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So this was a fun painting to work on. It is now hanging up in our show (extended through August) at the Swarthmore Borough Hall. Hope some of you take the time to go check out all the art work that Clair and I have added. The paintings look so much better “live” and will be worth the pop in.  We will add pieces through out the month as we make more so visit often!

[And now I am going to continue freaking out about my child going to college and how on earth are we going to pay for it and how on earth am I going to handle the changing dynamic of our household with 1/4 of us missing. And my baby is leaving! And… (deep breath) now I am going to put some of the experience that I have learned through painting  to work. “This is just a passing phase and in the end it all works out, and works out beautifully. Give it time and relaaaax.” sigh]