So yesterday I was not in the zone, but since my intention is to create art each and every day, being in the zone would have to wait and I certainly wasn’t going to use it as an excuse to not paint. Plus being out of it helps me to enjoy when I find my happy place and get back into it.

This morning as I painted I was in my happy place, in the zone. It isn’t always evident to those who just look at my paintings, as you will now, but I can feel it and if you were watching me paint, you’d see it and feel it to. It’s a very cool thing.

When I went out to my canvases it was completely obvious that this painting had runs it’s course and was ready to be put to sleep.

And so I just relaxed into painting and let it go. There was nothing to lose. No blank canvas tempting me to not know how to start and no partially completed painting tempting me to feel like I might “mess” it up. It was a painting that I thought was going nowhere on it’s current path. So I just started covering it up.

and then kept going..

and going…

and, of course it’d be flowers again. What can I say? I do love my flowers…

And here is where I stopped or the morning.

As the sun came up over the top of the hedge it started to get a bit hot and so inside I scurried, cleaned up my palettes and will get back out there later and hope that I can hop right back into the zone to finish this up.

Tomorrow I will update you on the progress of this painting and show you the other 3 paintings I started this morning while I was zoning out!