The following are the two paintings that I have worked on the most lately. They have been all over the place and back again, but I can feel the conclusion approaching.

This painting has been fun, but so far I have spent more time staring at it than painting it. Though some times those are the paintings with the best outcome.

In this painting I have changed the sky over and over again. First one color, then another, then clouds, then no clouds, then a new color etc. The good thing is that I am narrowing it down and can feel the end is near, and the other good thing is all the layering adds an element that I would not have achieved otherwise.

Today is rainy and stormy, which means humidity, which means the paint on my canvas is taking forever to dry which makes it difficult for me to paint. I am thinking a movie day is in order. The latest from Netflix, Sherlock Holmes with Robert Downey Jr. Sounds perfect!