My life has been very full lately, and art still finds a place in my schedule every day. It’s amazing that all it took was for me to make the conscious decision to make art a priority each day and now it is second nature.

We were out of town dropping our son off at college the past few days and although I was away from my canvases, there is always time to be inspired.

Here are some flower beds from the Pitt campus that I found too beautiful to pass by without taking a photo.

Almost every time I go away I come home observing my surroundings in a new way. Usually it means, I clean or reorganize or think of the next home improvement project. This time I decided to paint the floor outside of my studio…again. This accidental shot gives you a nice view of the new color. Not for everyone, but I love it. Bright and fresh.

Yesterday I got the floor finished and today I decided to work on a painting of the hydrangea flowers on a bush out front and so I went to walk up my sweet garden path.

I didn’t see it either, until I was right on top of it…

Nothing says the end of summer is near like huge dewy spiderwebs. Luckily I dodged a spiderweb bullet to the face and therefore can show you the progress on my painting! As usual more to come!