Hard to believe it, but today is my 300th post! Where did the time go when I was having so much fun?

I know that I am no writer and I am glad I didn’t let that discourage me from starting this whole experimental public diary of my art thing. Because really, without this place to come to and write about the stages of where I was and where I am going, I would have forgotten. I would have forgotten how unfocused I was and I would have forgotten how much time had passed and I would have never realized how far I have come. Thanks to my few supporters that have kept me going!

Now, on to today. Here is the latest progress on the paintings I am working on. I’ll start with my favorite, or maybe better put to say it is the closest to being completed.

And here is a funky one I am quite enjoying with plans in my head on how I want to continue.

And finally the painting that makes me crave olives, or better yet, a jar of olives soaking in a martini. Mmmm.

Happy 300th post to me!!!