I’ve been holding off on posting lately because I wanted to wait until I had a bunch of paintings (or at least one really) finished to show you. But since that is still not happening, I’ll go ahead and update you on my progress to date.

I have been adding and taking away elements from a few paintings. Here is the pitcher of flowers that I added petals to and then decided they looked dorky, so I painted over them and will try again.

Usually I only work on a painting when I am feeling good about it. Whether it is good about it’s progress to date, or good about my vision for continuing. If there are no paintings in the works that are giving that happy feeling then I just start another, but then finishing is sort of an important part of starting. So as a result I have LOTS of paintings that are in the works and I am really trying to not start any new ones until I check some of the started ones off my list.

Here’s a painting that has been hanging on a wall in my house with thoughts swirling in my head on how I wanted to continue. Well, I finally got back to it this weekend. Whoo hoo! It is moving along and when complete will definitely stay part of my personal collection.

This painting has been super fun to work on. Partly because I started it at a super inspired Flora Bowley workshop I attended ages ago which got me into painting, and secondly because it is BIG!

Now I HAVE to finish some paintings so that I can reward myself with a bunch of nice big blank canvases. Can’t wait!