I am taking a few moment today to update you on my procrastinations and excuses. Though I have been chomping at the bit to work more on my paintings, the days seem to come and go before I can get settled in front of my canvases.

Somehow with my little one off at school I end up having even less time in my day to paint. Weird. I think I am just puttering more than before…spending more time on Facebook and checking my email and the progress of my hubbys app on the mac app store. (Whoop! Hit the top 20 today!) Before I know it, an hour  has gone by and I’ve done nothing but stare at other peoples lives on my monitor.

Moving on past the bitching, I will now show you the progress on my pitcher of flowers painting. Not a lot has changed since you saw her last but those dots are working for me.

Though I give myself a hard time, the other thing eating away at my days is preparing for an upcoming holiday craft fair. These are the cute bags I will sell that I make out of old/vintage neck ties.

This is the new design I’ve been perfecting the last few days.
Dining room table chaos.

I sent in my application yesterday, so I don’t know if I am even accepted, but if I don’t start cranking now I won’t have enough stuff to sell. Worst case, I bust my ass (when not puttering) just to find out I don’t make the cut. Although, then I will have lots of great gifts for my friends instead. Yay! I sure do appreciate those silver linings!