It is that time of year where I give into my crafting desires and start making stuff. This year I hope to sell more than give away and get that Etsy shop in full swing before the holidays. I’ll keep you posted on my progress. Meanwhile I am madly making some sweet things to sell at a holiday fair in mid November.

I’ll start first with my bags which I have shared a bit of with you already. This is the new tote design that I came up with which are made entirely of neck ties.

Here is a shot of a design I originally came up with a few years ago. It is fully lined with a little pocket inside, so a bit more of a chore to make. I think I will continue with the tote design as I move forward.

Now here are the cutest key rings in the world.

I just love them.

Seriously. Darling.

And what is a holiday Fair without ornaments.

I am not sure how gang busters I am going to go on these as they are a bit time consuming, but they are great for using up the last scraps of ties left over from the bags I make.   I am also thinking of adding little bow ties to them as a finishing touch. We’ll see just how much “cute” I can take.

And to end, I decided to make some hair bows. I have about 4 different designs going and think attaching some to hair clips would work very nicely as well.

Coming up with the ideas on what to make is key. I have been spending time brain storming, fine tuning and lots of putzing. Then finding a design that is fun to make and isn’t too time prohibitive is also important. So far so good. I really enjoy making things out of old neck ties. Making something out of nothing. I LOVE it!

And any of you local yokels that have old ties in your attic or are getting ready to donate them. STOP! I want.