I still don’t know if I am accepted into the craft show, but it isn’t stopping me from cranking out new ideas to make with my ties.

The latest are these silk rose pins.

It was only a mater of time before I squeezed in some flowers. I have only made a few, but as I said before, it is the fine tuning that takes the most time. Plus I get bored making the same thing over and over again.

Even if I don’t make the craft fair cut, I will have lots of booty for an Etsy shop. I’ve done a teeny bit of research and have come to realize that there is a LOT more involved in opening an Etsy shop than there was a few years ago when I half heartedly made the attempt. But it is a much more organized process, so it should be a snap once I get that ball rolling.

One of the the things that I frequently have run across on various Etsy shops is the statement, “made in a pet free home”. Uhhh, yeah.

So what do I say? “Gently snuggled lovingly by various furred creatures. Not responsible for excessive sneezing?” I can’t even keep my cat out of my photo shoots much less a nice cozy bin of ties.

Now back to the needle and thread. But, boy do I miss that canvas and paint!