I think I have officially crossed over the line into the crazy crafter world. I know they are out there, I’ve met them. I just didn’t think I had the potential to be one of them. I can’t stop thinking about what I can make out of my ties. I dream about it and wake up thinking about it. Ties.

Ultimately, if it is about making money selling these little creations, I think my best bet is to stick with the bags, but I just can’t resist using up all the little scraps. My button magnets are a GREAT way to do just that, but they are not going to bring in much moolah.

And while I was thinking that making little magnets may be fun, but really I should focus on bigger more sellable items with a bigger price tag, I started making these.

More magnets! Whatever, it’s fun and I think they are sweet. I did question at one point if they even looked like little purses. Had I just gone so crafting bonkers that people wouldn’t realize what they were?

In other news? I started a painting!! 12″ x 12″, not big or much to report, but it is officially started. Phew.