Last night I installed some of my paintings at Picasso in Media, PA for the Second Saturday Arts Stroll Event.

This monthly Media Arts Council Event is free and fun for the whole family. You can even plan out your night ahead of time by checking out the Arts Stroll map found here.

While planning out your evening make sure to stop by Picasso to see my work. Often people just pop into the restaurants and shops to look at the art and then wander off to find more, so don’t be shy about going from location to location throughout town and enjoying the local artists work.

Here are some photos (taken in the cozy, dark, romantic space that Picasso provides) of some of my favorite pieces I chose to hang.

It’s a great place to meet up with friends, have a drink at their beautiful bar and watch the world go by. And this is exactly where my husband and I will be propped between 6 and 8pmish Saturday night.

So come meet the artist, or if you have already met me, come hang out with me! Hope to see you here!