This past Saturday I participated in a craft/art/music sale at Enso in Media, PA.  So. Much. Fun! It was a last minute throw together, but it turned out really great. I sold many of my tie creations and met some really wonderful people.

some of my left overs and a new one, top right.

Gwen, the sweetie.

I have also been super inspired lately (that somehow seems to happen when you are around inspiring people) and have gotten a lot of work done on many of my paintings, started even MORE and believe it or not finished one.

This is called, “Embrace”. I just love it and have found a place for it to live in my home until the next show.

Speaking of the next show, it will be at Temaki in Media. My new favorite sushi joint.  So heads up, I will have a “proper” opening with saki and light snacks at MAC’s next Second Saturday event, January the 14th. More to follow but mark your calendars now!