Yesterday I got all my paintings installed at Temaki. I fit a surprising number of them for a seemingly small space. I wasn’t planning on hanging my “Yellow Field” painting, but when I realized I might not finish the one intended for the space, I went ahead and put it up. Turns out it looks quite nice in its new home.

And this corner (complete with cute sushi chef) is where I will be set up with my refreshments and smile for my opening THIS Saturday. As in, tomorrow! Make reservations if you plan on having dinner since it is usually hopping on Saturday nights.

I was a tad stressed yesterday trying to finish the large flower painting for my opening TOMORROW. Sometimes a deadline can be a wonderful inspiration and other times it can just suck. But  since the yellow field worked so well, the pressure is off and I can go back to enjoying the completion of my largest painting to date. It deserves a proper finishing. So far, so good.

Sometimes, the further along I get the further I realize I have to go. Yay, another art-life metaphor!