So here I am again, another day to paint away with the sole purpose of enjoying it. Yep, life sure is good.

The large flower painting is coming along. I keep adding elements and taking some away and I can sort of see the light at the end of the tunnel. Maybe I just don’t want to let this one go. I’ve added a sky with some happy little flowers popping up in the background (I love Bob Ross.)

And then I decided to add more sky…

But making sure not to cover up sweet elements that I love. Like this darling flower….

And here is where I left off yesterday.

I decided to hang her up in a corner of my house that is bare while all my paintings are at Temaki and just observe for a bit.

Which gave me time to put this puppy on my easel.

I am a bit nervous to work more on this one. It is so sweet, light and airy as is, but obviously not finished. Wish me luck!