OK, so I have had so many questions and comments about the passion flowers that I thought I’d show a little more of them and of my garden in general.

I bought a passion flower plant at my local grocery store last year and planted it by my vegetable garden entrance to climb up an arbor I built. I wasn’t sure if it was winter hearty where I live, but turns out it is thriving this year as well.

I showed you an open bloom last post and here is one just starting to open it’s eyes this morning.

It is loaded with blooms ready to pop. I find this sort of thing very exciting.

Another plant that is climbing faster than I realized are my sweet peas. This morning I finished extending the height of their climbing structure. Quite certain you can build anything with bamboo.

My strawberry beds are thriving. Thriving so much in fact, I am tempted to unnet them and let the birds have some since I can’t pick them fast enough. (I’m thinking Bobalou wouldn’t mind some birds in the strawberry beds either.)

And my lettuce bed is also in need of harvesting. It’s been a good garden year which has only just begun!

I can’t show you my garden without adding a photo of my poppies. Doesn’t get more beautiful than this.

So, to top it off I will leave you with a photo of the latest painting I have been playing on. As you can see, I am using painters tape on this one and am finding it quite enjoyable. Layer, layer ,layer. Fun stuff. And lots of drying time in between so I can go harvest that garden!

Have a great day everyone!