It’s that time of year when my art blog is more like a garden blog. Before I started this sketch experiment and consciously started making art, I was drawn to make stuff. Every day I’d be making something, because….well, I had to. The garden was just one of those things that I made and it is such a joy each year to add a little more, tweak a bit here and there. The knowing that it is never done, but still a constant stream of satisfaction and enjoyment is pretty awesome.

So, with that, here are some photos of my garden I took this morning.

I built a structure for netting my blue berries and will finish netting them ASAP.  Any one who says bamboo is not your friend doesn’t have a veggie garden.

I am going away for the weekend (20th college reunion!) and I know that these babies will turn blue any second now which is when the birds will swoop in and suck these down in the blink of an eye.

This water feature I installed last year. It is definitely feeling more established this year as the plantings mature. I might change the pump so that the water streams out of a stack of rocks…next year.

My only squash blossom flung itself open this morning.

And I must leave you with another photo of my passion flower vine. Now that my poppies have stopped blooming these are my new obsession. They are just so freaking cool!

Wishing you all a wonderful day that ends with dirty hands.