On the art front,  here are the paintings from today’s easel with a few changes from the last time I reported in. Lots of fun stuff going on.

And on a side note, my sister has requested that I keep her (and you) up to date on my projects around the house, as they are endless and it is in my job description to tackle these tasks, why not.

Since the weather has been ideal, I cranked out a little project with polymeric joint sand. I have a pathway that leads to my studio which is brick and weeds, or weeds and brick depending on the time of year. I heard about this cool stuff called polymeric joint sand that you can use to fill between patio stones by brushing the sand between the cracks and then just wetting it down a few times with a hose to cure it.

I picked up some tubs at Home Depot.

I poured the sand mixture between the bricks as best as I could and then finished it off by brushing the sand even with this brush.

Here is right after I started the weeding process…

And here it is completed…

The true test will be next year when I see if any weeds find their way back between my bricks. For now, it look awesome!

And to Beverly, happy now?