This time of year I get Fall Fever, even more than in the Spring. I start cleaning, getting to those projects from the to-do list that have been lingering for months…or years. I’m a bit  like a squirrel gathering nuts for the winter. And the weather. Ugh, it has been amazing so what better day than today to tackle a project on that list that also takes me outside.

I garbage picked this chair over the summer.

I’d been looking at it off and on wondering if it was even worth the effort, I mean it isn’t super great quality and for 10 bucks I could probably buy something better at IKEA…but there is something about rescuing an item from the  dump and bringing it back to life that really appeals to me. So today I went for it.

I slapped on some left over black paint, not even caring really, thinking I’d just end up putting yet another project screw up into the attic where it would die a long death in the land of misfit chairs. I had some material in a bin from who knows when that seemed a good fit for the task at hand. So I just ripped off the nasty cracked black vinyl and staple gunned away with the new material.

And guess what? Ta-da! I like it and it only took me like 15 minutes from start to finish.

I even have time left in my day to work on some more paintings. Now if I can just make it a practice to take more off my list than I add, I’d be golden!