This is the very first layer where I am experimenting with a squirt bottle of watery paint and some fall leaves. Should  be an interesting progression. Any thoughts on what color I should use next?

This is the kagillionth layer going on a painting that I’ve been going back and forth on for quite some time. I’m enjoying it, but ready for an ending soon…ish.

The start of something fresh. Loving the aqua, red and gold together.

A big mucky mess. All my paintings seem to be a mess at some point in their development. For all you new painters out there, this may help you to see that it’s OK for your painting to look like crap at certain stages, just keep at it. Eventually a corner gets turned…you’ll know when it happens by the smile on your face and the warm fuzzy feeling in your heart.

Hope you all have a a wonderful weekend! I am off to go camping. I always feel like I will come home reenergized after a weekend out in nature, but it never really turns out that way. I usually want to just crawl in to my own bed and go into hibernation mode….this time it’ll be different. Right?