I have been spacey on posting lately but I am making all sorts of progress around here. After a lot of hair pulling as I tried to set up a wordpress site with a shopping cart and just ended up breaking my site entirely, I have decided to go with Etsy and set up shop there so that you guys can purchase my art work more easily.

Etsy is so easy peasy and really I should have done this a loooong time ago, but now I have  a nice collection that I can be proud of and the timing feels right. So stay tuned, I am not quite there yet…I need a non rainy day so that I can get some good glamour shots of my paintings with my fancy iPhone.

Meanwhile back in the studio, this painting has gone through quite a metamorphosis over the last few weeks.

Here she is in the early days when I thought she was finished and was even hung in a few shows… (Actually I can’t find the “finished” photo, but here is when I realized I needed to make some changes…)

When I decided I wasn’t in love anymore and we both needed a change this happened…

And then yesterday I went all gangbusters and am grooving on the new direction…

Sometimes I get too cutesy for my taste. My inner self is digging this one, not cutesy but still happy. Hopefully I can stay in the same frame of mind and keep on keeping on as I finish this one up. As always, I’ll keep you posted.