The task that I presented myself with when last I posted was to stick with a specific painting until completion and I sort of did it. I worked on the painting with the intention of completing it, but I also hopped around which was not part of the plan.

As it turns out, I really LIKE hopping around and not giving myself rules and going with the flow and enjoying myself, hmmm who would have thought? Which is part of the reason why it took me so long to post again. I felt like I should wait until it was done no matter how long it took me. I worked on lots of canvases over the last week, but today the award goes to this sweet baby!

One of the steps in finishing this piece was the framing. I have found these floating frames that I love, I really think they compliment my paintings. They attach in such a way that you can see the edge of the canvas, so I was deciding whether to paint the edges of the canvas or not. I decided to paint 3 sides white and leave the bottom raw so you can see all the drips from all the layers as the piece was created. What do you guys think?


Or drippy?