I’ve noticed lately that my daily postings have shifting to more of a weekly thing. No worries, lots has been getting done. Some in the arty realm, some not so much.

Got my car cleaned up to sell. Hello hot tub money.

I’ve been feeding the neighborhood squirrels.

Spinning webs.

Planted a tree.

And on the arty side of things. Take a lookie loo in the side bar and you will see fresh new icons to click on. I ended up making the icons myself since I couldn’t find anything that I liked on-line. I think they turned out quite spiffy.

E for Etsy

I have a whole ONE painting listed in my Etsy shop with more to come…obviously. Gotta start somewhere, starting is where happening begins.

Z for Zazzle

I haven’t updated the Zazzle shop in some time, but you can purchase greeting cards made from early paintings of mine. If you keep an eye out you can get 50% off deals often.

F for Facebook

Just regular Facebook stuff here. You know the drill.

So that is my weekly update. I will get back to the painting now that I have checked some home stuff off the list. Plus, taking breaks is a good thing.